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Article requirements

File submission is a document format Microsoft Word.

In accordance with the requirements of WAC Ukraine : the volume of articles - by 1 pp ( 24 pages of printed text ), annotations and reviews - to 0.2 PL

The first list must contain initials and surname in the left corner ( II Ivanov ). The right corner - UDC. The following lines: title (in capital letters) , abstract and key words in three languages. If the name in Russian , the Ukrainian annotations must give the exact name in the Ukrainian language.

Links are at the end of the document!


1. Kamensky PV Staroe funds. H.: Printing HOUSE V.S.Byryukova, 1890. 32.

The topic of the publication and the title of the material you should preferably agree upon with the editorial board.

The Article must have an Attachment with author information: first name and middle name in full, place of employment, position, academic degree and title and contact information: address, phone , e-mail.

Policy review - internal review.

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