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Department of History and Political Theory NMU

Educational and Methodical work

The department of history and political theory - is primarily a close-knit, friendly team of highly educated, intelligent people, skilled workers. The contribution of teachers and employees of the Department in the case of humanization, and humanization of Higher Education at the University overestimated, and I'm sure the creative and intellectual potential of the department in a position to give an adequate response to the challenge of the time.

The structure of the department:
• Head of Department
• The Deputy Head
• Methodological seminar lecturers of the department
• Subject Committee
• Educational and methodical study
• Laboratories

 Participants of the National Conference
 At a meeting of scientific and methodological seminar

Forms of study:
• training of post-graduate;
• probation;
• participation in international, state and regional conferences;
• participation in the scientific and methodological seminars;
• reviewing the master's and doctoral theses.

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