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Department of History and Political Theory NMU

Research work

Areas of research work of the department:

  • Preparation and defense of master's and doctoral theses.
  • The publication of monographs.
  • Print scientific articles in regional and national publications and collections.
  • Conduct and participate in regional and international scientific and practical conferences.
  • Participation in the specialized thesis defense.
  • Publication of scientific professional journals.
  • Conduct case studies.
  • Perform research on the state budget issues.
  • Management of scientific work of students.
  • Collaboration with academic research centers: the Institute of History, Institute of Ukrainian language, the Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of NAS of Ukraine.
  • International Relations (Russia, Belarus, Poland, Sweden) and the implementation of international research projects.
  •  Regional Conference
     The first visit of the Swedish deligation 2007

    The Department operates the Institute humanitarian problems behalf of the Hero of Ukraine Academician P.T. Tronko, which includes:

  • Cultural Center Ukrainian Language. Oles Gonchar;
  • Center for a healthy lifestyle;
  • Ukrainian-Swedish scientific, cultural and educational center;
  • The regional department of the Research Institute of the Cossacks of the Institute of History of NAS of Ukraine;
  • Department of educational technology;
  • Department of History and Culture of the Dnieper;
  • Laboratory of new learning technologies;
  • Laboratory for Social Research.

  • The Institute aims to humanitarian issues:

    - the development of new cultural and educational projects;

    - the preparation and carrying out of scientific conferences and thematic readings;

    - publishing.

     Meeting of the Regional Department of the Research Institute of the Institute of History of the Cossacks NAS
     Meeting with Kulchitsky S.

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