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How to submit an article in a magazine

Articles accepted for publication in electronic form.

You must register as an author of "Humanitarian Journal":

1. Log in - http://journals.uran.ua

2. Go to the section - Scientific Periodicals Ukraine

3. Find "Humanitarian Journal" in the list of magazines

4. Click a description of "Humanitarian journal" is the appropriate hyperlink - REGISTRATION

5. Click to register and fill in your personal details in the appropriate fields. Be sure to include your email address.

The article must be logged in http://journals.uran.ua

using your user name and password. Login to "Humanitarian journal" - "new view" and fill in all the appropriate steps.

Title metadata of article and put in the appropriate fields, add the text of the article, prepared in accordance with the SAC of Ukraine, and in accordance with "Humanitarian Journal".

Privacy Statement

Email addresses that are specified by the authors of the journal will be used exclusively to inner publishing objectives of this journal , they will not be disseminated and communicated to third parties.

Video tutorial on posting articles click here
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