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Article requirements

File submission is a document format Microsoft Word.

In accordance with the requirements of WAC Ukraine : the volume of articles - by 1 pp ( 24 pages of printed text ), annotations and reviews - to 0.2 PL

The first list must contain initials and surname in the left corner ( II Ivanov ). The right corner - UDC. The following lines: title (in capital letters) , abstract and key words in three languages. If the name in Russian , the Ukrainian annotations must give the exact name in the Ukrainian language.

Links are at the end of the document!


1. Kamensky PV Staroe funds. – H.: Printing HOUSE V.S.Byryukova, 1890. – 32.

The topic of the publication and the title of the material you should preferably agree upon with the editorial board.

The Article must have an Attachment with author information: first name and middle name in full, place of employment, position, academic degree and title and contact information: address, phone , e-mail.

Policy review - internal review.

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